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Don't you still love me ? by sinako777
Don't you still love me ?
part 1- It can't be
part 2- Toxin Sr
part3- I want you back
part 4- She is back but has no soul
part 5- Having my soul back

miss gamma (c) :iconsinako777:
tolim   (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

tolim is still sad , when his grandmother left , he doesn't understand why she is gone

tolim hears his brothers and sisters in the kitchen and their so happy to  meet someone

tolim :- ?? (walking in slowly )

momo  :- omg  tolim :D  look first grandpa and now

miss gamma turns around and see tolim

momo :- and now grandmama is back from the dead :D  we have grandparents now x3

miss gamma :- awwwww :heart:  tolim look at you , your just like your father :heart:

tolim smells her and he feels bad things about her

tolim :- aaa :fear:  ( he can smell her soul but , something is wrong )

miss gamma :- come here :heart: ( hugging him tight  and said something in his ear )  i told you i be back my beloved little one , i never leave you , ever

the way she said that , tolim  knows that his grandmother is showing her dark side and her good side is gone , now he understand why she grandmother last night and said good bye to  him

tolim :- i still love you gaia :cries:

miss gamma :- !!! :X (doesn't like that name ) oh little one , call me grandma gamma , gaia is my old and stupid name  :aww:

toxin :- but i love it mama :(  it is a sweet name for you

miss gamma :- oh toxin  :aww:  don't call me that :X

toxin :- yes maam :(

hildy :-  hey you can't speak to  my man like that

miss gamma :- oh shut up , you old goat , she is my son and still don't like you :X  , what type woman that can clean her own home :X

hildy :- i hate cleaning ok :stare:  that why i have maids

miss gamma :- other words your lazy

hildy :- toxin DX !!! your mother is being a bully DX !! stop her

toxin :- she is my mommy :stare: i can't do a thing
New skylanders by sinako777
New skylanders
i just got them today in the mail La la la la

some how i get a free undead trap :XD:  i am so happy :XD: 
Having my soul back by sinako777
Having my soul back
part 1 It can't be
part2- Toxin Sr
part 3 - I want you back
part4 - She is back but has no soul

meanwhile  in  tolim's bedroom

gaia ghost  comes in , wakes him up :- little one little one

tolim :- yes grandmama ??  (sleepy )  is something wrong

gaia  little in tears :-  it is my time to  go sweetie :aww:

tolim :- what !!! no  you can't go grandmama :cries:  we're are a team ,you promise you train me

gaia :- tolim you don't need to  be train , you are a great warrior , i taught you all  i know :aww: , you need a new master :aww:  

tolim :- no i need you :hug: :cries:  please don't go

gaia :- i be here for you , my beloved grandson :heart:  ( she disappeared )

tolim is crying a little  and momo wakes up   hears her brother crying  in the other room

momo breaks down the door and ready to  protect her brother  

momo  in her  pajamas :- tolim !!!! are you ok ?? :fear: ....??? (see her brother his eyes out and does know why )

tolim can't tell his sister about their grandmother :- i had a nightmare big sister

momo  :- oh you big baby :X ( sits on his bed and hugs him and kiss his four head)  i am here for you stupid little baby brother

meanwhile in gaia's body 's new bedroom

gaia ghost comes in

gaia body :- hahah so i was right my soul was haunting  my son's home

gaia ghost :- what is your game ? :X

gaia  body :- no game :devil:  i want have a family again

gaia ghost :- a family !!! ??? you call marry to  anhur is a family ???

gaia body :- so he was a bad man , big deal

gaia ghost :- he was about to  destroy  our village our home   , if i ....

gaia body :- go on :aww:

gaia ghost :- if i don't murder him

gaia body :- hahhaha :XD:  and you said he was a bad man , what does that makes us ??? mmmmm

gaia ghost :- a sinners :devil:

gaia body :- that's right :devil:  , we killed our  husband but in the end we lost our village and son  , and people doesn't know that he was murder , only think that a snake bit killed him mmm

gaia ghost :- so what now ???

gaia body :- i want you , back in me that what

gaia ghost :- what ?

gaia  body :- we can be one again , don't you want that ??

gaia ghost :- but i don't want to  be with anhur :X

gaia body :- we can take of him later like last time , now come on let fuses and be one forever

gaia ghost :- fun business

gaia body :- hey this is us we are talking too :devil:

the two fuses and gaia is one again

gaia :- hahhahah world meet "Miss gamma"  Big L Toxin's mother hahhaha
Do I know you ? by sinako777
Do I know you ?
salina A.k.a   "Jigsaw lulu " (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

sinako (c) :iconsinako777:

sinako and the others  doesn't know that salina  is lulu3

salina breaks in her parents castle , she forget some of her paper works  and she is wearing her white makeup

salina in her old childhood  room  :- hahha what is wrong with me !!!  i can't believe i left this here :X

she is walking out with the papers and sinako finds her outside the room

sinako  :- hmm ??

salina :- eep :o 

sinako  :- hey  your apollo crazy friend mmmm lulu3 right ???

salina :- aa o3o  yes yes that's me

sinako  :- wow you do look like my elder daughter   Cleopatra (lulu1) :eyes:  and wow wow she one sexy wolfy girl hehehe

salina :-  onion head "shock" (uh oh )

sinako  pull his hands around her

sinako  :- what a naughty girl like you , doing in my daughter's bedroom ??? are you doing a bad girl :eyes: mmm

salina :- a a aa Whats Your Problem..Onion Scared ( oh crap my dad is putting the moves on me  nooooo , i have to  get out of here )  

she jumps and runs  away

sinako  :-  hey come here sexy La la la

salina :- ahhhhhhhhh !!!! ( i love you daddy but not in that way  )  stay away from me you old wolf !! DX !!!

the next day  in g.a.i.a lab

salina (remove her makeup and lulu3 outfit )

salina :- oooo what a night Stress   note to  self never be lulu3 around daddy 

sinako behind salina  :-  hello  pumpkin

salina :- ahhhhhh daddy Onion boy 8 what you doing in here

sinako  :- what you forget ??? O3o  this is salina and sinako  day , the full day you and me having a father and daughter  day onion yep

salina :-  ...Onion Boy 4  (oh crap i forget !! )   oh the is right ^^; 

sinako  :- come on sweetie :D  show your old man your around the city

salina :- ok dad :aww:

sinako  :- oh btw i met one sexy wolf girl last night and she was a hotty hehhee

salina  :- D1eef220  (ewwwwwwwwww ) 

sinako  :- hehhe if i see her again , i go dog style on her sexy ass x3

salina :- onion head "shock" Wuack..Onion Aaarrrg

sinako  :- what wrong with you ??? thTFR10F

salina :- oh nothing Onion boy 8 hehhe


seo and yugo
love to draw dogs and wolf , fan to transformers , mostly draw demon or robot

Favourite cartoon character: megatron ,nemesis prime , dinobot ,waspintor , Kratos , venom, sonic , shadow and the fallen


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hello  everyone Aww  just wish you all a Happy  Eid ul-Adha , I wish you all have a  great times in this holiday Aww :D (Big Grin)

 to  my friends who  don't know what is Eid ul-Adha ? Happy Eid-ul-Adha - 1431  please read this Aww


i forget to say

this is the first eid without my brother and parents :(

my brother is in college in UK

and my parents are in Europe  for the holidays ( i think their in pairs now )

it is just me , my sister , our  maid  ,our driver and Yugo  , this eid :(

we are ok :) but little sad there not here

 our family  ( from my mom's side and dad's side ) are with us this eid  :)

my sister is going make a party in our beach house  this eid :)  and few of my cousins are coming :aww:

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