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A bigger Skullerack by sinako777
A bigger Skullerack
Abby jr (c):icon13foxywolf666: and :iconsinako777:

skullerack (c) :iconsinako777:

abby jr is still 5 years old in this story 

at  supermarket  

the shopkeeper was making a chilly hotdog 

shopkeeper :- ....( skullerack steals the hotdog )  hey !!

skullerack eating :- hehhe this good ( gives him the money ) 

shopkeeper :- sir that wasn't your hotdog it was for the other customer 

skullerack :- no problem , you can make another one :p  

shopkeeper :- no  that was the last beef hotdog  , he only can eat beef  and no pork 

skullerack :- oops   

shopkeeper :- oh dear here he comes 

skullerack feels a earthquake as the guy is moving to  them 

skullerack :- holy crap  what kind a ........ ( so shock to  see a titan   and titan that looks like him but  on steroids )  

abby jr is in her titan form 

abby jr voice in this form sounds like bane from Batman Arkham Origins…

abby jr :- is my hotdog ready ??? :devil: 

shopkeeper :- a a a ( so scared ) 

skullerack :- aa hello  there sir ,  funny story 

abby jr :- who are you ???  

skullerack :- will am the guy , mistake ate your hotdog ?? ^^; 

abby jr :- you what ( face to  face ) 

skullerack for the first  time feel fear 

skullerack :- ..... ( what the hell  ?? why am i scared ??? sure he smells funny  and i don't why he smells like a little girl  but there is something funny in his i smell ,  his blood smells like sinako  and sinai ??? )   hehhe come on my good man , where one makes mistake 

abby jr :- grr ggrg ( snarls ) ......... pay me

skullerack :- what ???  

abby jr :- you ate my hotdog   and i can't get it back , the right thing is for you to  pay me back my money 

skullerack :- true true , here i pay you double 

abby jr gives him back some the money :- no give me the same payment i payed for my hotdog ..... note to  your self , never ( glad skullerack by the face  )   eat another man's eat , get it :devil: 

skullerack :- sure sure 

abby jr lets go of her grandfather and walks out:- oh the names "mr fix "  

skullerack :- !!!! how did he name my name ???   :stare:  
Panda food by sinako777
Panda food
nu-le (c) :iconsinako777: 

li-po the zombie panda   (c)  :iconsinako777:  and  :iconkcat106:

clyde :-  li-po   did my  Chinese food get here ??  i need my egg rollers and .... li-po what are you doing to  the delivery girl  ??

li-po :-  aaa isn't she my snack ???

clyde :- no  damn it  li-po !!! look like i have another panda girl in my casino ... btw where are my egg rollers 

li-po :- ..........

clyde :- damn it li-po !!! 

li-po :- i was hungry :meow: 

nu-le :- brains zombie  ( wearing her skull back on her head )  

Hello  sir by sinako777
Hello sir
Abby jr (c):icon13foxywolf666: and :iconsinako777:

 sinako jr  (c)  :iconsinako777:and  :iconmrsman5:

sin  jr  playing with his phone ( angry bird )  walking in the park 

sin jr :- grrr die you pigs  , die die !!!

phone :- game over you lose ..... loser hahha 

sin jr :- stupid game :stare: 

abby jr  jumps behind him :- booo !! :la:

sin jr :- !!! eep  !!!  hey kid you scared me 

abby jr :- hehhe :giggle: 

sin jr is walking abby is walking behind him 

sin jr :- ???  aaa can i help  you kid ? 

abby jr :- no  :meow: 

sin jr :- then are you lost ?? 

abby jr :-  no :meow: 

sin jr :- then why are you behind me ? 

abby jr :-  i feel like it ? 

sin jr :- ???   why are your parents ??  

abby jr :- oh somewhere around here :3 


marco  jr is looking for abby jr

marco  jr :- sweetie ?? :fear:  where are you honey ?? ( he see that she is with sin jr )  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no no no no  ( run to  them and kidnapped abby and runs so fast )

abby jr :- bye bye :p

sin jr :-!!!! marco  ???  oh no  !!! he is going to  eat that little girl !!! i get to  save her !!!!

sin jr jumps at marco  jr

the two are fighting

abby jr :- :meow: ???  ( watching them )

sin jr :- you monster !!! you will not eat this child

marco  jr :- eat her ???  she is my daughter !!!

sin jr :- ....:stare:  say what ??

abby jr :- hehhe :giggle:

sin jr :- wow marco  i don't know you had a wife :stare:  who's the lucky lady ??

marco  jr :- aaaa

abby :- my mommy is pinkie   the pink panther girl  :D 

sin jr heart breaks in pieces :- what what ..... noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :cries: 

marco  jr :- :stare: ??? ....( take abby jr and runs away ) 

later at night 

sin jr called pinkie 

sin jr :- pinkie  how could you ?? ( in tears ) 

marco  jr on the line and in pinkie form :- sorry sin but i love marco  , he is the man of my dreams 

sin jr :- ...... oh ..... so ... want to  come over  and .... play a little 

marco  jr :- .grrrr  oh sin :giggle: i love too  ( maybe tonight i could finally eat you ) 

later at night  sin is a sleep  and marco  with him 

marco  in pinkie form had sex with sin again  

pinkie not a sleep  :- what is wrong with me ?? :stare: .... well good thing he wear a condom this time :stare:  ......i better leave now 
Don't steal candy from Addy by sinako777
Don't steal candy from Addy
Abby jr (c):icon13foxywolf666: and :iconsinako777:

Nightshade toxin ( Big L. Jr.) (toxin jr )   (c):icongekkaneko:and :iconsinako777:

name :- Abigail Penelope Bleed clawson thunder Goldman Rojas

nick name :- abby jr 

daughter to  
Marco Rojas Jr ( Pinkie Rojas )   and Sinako Bleed clawson thunder Goldman ( sinako  jr )  

demon :- a  titan ( planet type demon ) 

abby jr is no normal titan , she is just like Gaia , she is ten times more powerful then atlas  

she has two forms

one is a sweet beautiful  cat wolf girl

the other one  , her true face , is her titan form , she looks like  a  male demon     , ( skullerack on steroid ) she gets a manly voice and  many people mistakes her other form as other person 

she still has a female genitals in both forms  (  in her titan she has no female breasts )  

she is not evil or good person , she does things what she likes to  do

she knows that sin jr is her real  father  

as marco  jr try to  trick his daughter to  believe that he and pinkie are two different people

abby plays along with his trick , acting dumb around him

abby has the same IQ as  sinako sr and sinako  jr  

she knows that she has half brothers and sister   and acts as their friends  and doesn't tell them that she is their sister Sin Jr's children by sinako777

she is believe is doing a huge prank on their family  

as marco  is trying to  hide his daughter from the bleed family , fear that they may take her away from him  

and she wants his daughter to  join  b.b.2's gang 

of all the bleeds  , abby 2 hates her evil uncle b.b.2 , she knows that he is a evil bleed  and she hates his guts so much  , she acts a nice girl to him 

when she feels that her father  sin jr is in the danger from her uncle b.b 2 

she try to  save her father in secret 


abby is eating her candy 

toxin jr :- oooo ( take her candy ) hahhaha get your candy :XD: hahhaha look i am licking it now hahhaha 

abby :- grrr grrrr ":stare: 

kiba :- toxin !!! :stare:  fast give her candy back :fear: 

toxin jr :- what scares you ??  she is just a  baby  :XD: 

abby turns to  her titan form and smash toxin like a pancake 

toxn jr :- a a  a( in horrible pain ) 

abby jr back in her  puupy kitty form and eat her candy 

abby jr :- hehhe 

kiba :- i worried you :stare: 

abby jr 's tail poking abby jr's head 

abby jr :- ??? :stare: !!! ( bits her tail )  raaaaaaaaaaaaa :rage: !!! ( she thinks her tail is evil )  
After 15 years by sinako777
After 15 years
"marco  jr"  (c) :icon13foxywolf666: and :iconsinako777: 

sinako jr (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

15 years and marco  jr still never  ate sin jr 

sin jr :- hey pinkie  care for a date ?? with me ??

marco  jr :- why course sin x3 i love too  ( :stare:  tonight is the night i will eat you sin grrrrr no one fooling around !!! , no more   i will have the powers of the death horseman !!)

after few beer and wine

marco  jr and sin jr is drunk as hell  

sin jr and marco  jr are singing as they walking to  their hotel room

marco  jr :- i like  you sin

sin jr :-  i like you too  pinkie

marco  jr :- no sin i really really like you :heart: 

sin jr :- ooo ?? oooo :eyes:  hehhe 

the next morning   marco  wakes up still in pinkie form 

marco  :- oooo my head hurts DX ....... why is my butt hurts and  what with the weird taste in my mouth ... ??? it is like i swallowed something  ??? 

looks around the room  and see sin jr next to  him naked and he see he is naked too  

marco  jr is adding up the match 

marco  jr :- Jordan is shocked Rin and Kud (Shocked) [V5] Racing Girl Emoji (Aaaaaahhh) [V4] nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  me and sin ???   noooooooooooooo 

he ran out , taking his things and still in pinkie form 

sin jr wake up :- ???? pinkie ??? 

at  b.b.2 's gang hide out 

kiba :- you and sin jr Yugi shocked  ????

marco   jr :-  Panda Emoji-19 (Uh...) [V1] ..........

kiba :- ........ aaa  [MLP] - Big Macintosh Emote: Speechless   did he wear a condom ?? 

marco  jr :- Haruka Nanami (Shocked) [V1] !!!!!! i am doomed am i  ?? 

kiba :- yep  shockedplz 

marco jr :- Mabel Eye Twitch Icon  mom is going to  kill me 


sinako777's Profile Picture
seo and yugo
love to draw dogs and wolf , fan to transformers , mostly draw demon or robot

Favourite cartoon character: megatron ,nemesis prime , dinobot ,waspintor , Kratos , venom, sonic , shadow and the fallen

e-mail -


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