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Beware of max by sinako777
Beware of max
in hell 

the hell wolf pack are being lazy  and playing poke card  in their cave 

till huge hell bear pack enter the cave and roaring  like crazy 

leader of the hell bears :- hell wolf pack  !!!  i the leader  of the hell bear pack challenge your leader for you land !!! where is your leader !!! the mighty madmax

the hell wolf still playing their poker and give a F$%#$  

leader :- ???

one hell bear :- master can we run now , before the mighty madmax finds us :stare:  ,  their are many scary stories about him and i don't want to  meet him :fear:

leader :-  grrrrrr ( punch his minion )  where is max ????

in the shadow in the dark side of the cave

max hears the leader bear

max walks to  them

hell bear drones are worried and scared  

the leader is ready to  fight 

the bear are so shock to  see max 

max :- hello :la:   am maxxie  :la:  but you can call me max :la:  

hell bears :- ............Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2]  ???  hahhahhaha :rofl: 

leader :- ????  that's the mighty madmax ??? he is so ... purple ??  a purple hell creature ???  Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited  hahhahhahahha 

hell wolf :- .....:stare:  ( the hell wolf are making bets for how long the hell bears would live before they see max  's  new face  )  

max :- hahhah :giggle:  ( laughing with the bear ) 

leader :- i " savage mac "  challenge you max for your land !!!!

max :- are we going to  play a game :la:  i love games  oh boy oh boy oh boy !!

savage mac punch max to  the wall

hell bears are laughing

savage mac:- oh did i hurt you ? Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) 

the hell wolf hide

hell bears are confused for way the wolves are hiding

savage mac made a mistake , he wake up madmax 

mad is turning :- grrrrrr…

savage mac :- .....  :ohstarelegasp:   

hell bears :-:stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp ............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :fear: 

to be continued
My twin sister by sinako777
My twin sister
Sucrette  the little mouse tooth  ( the  French tooth fairy )    (c)  :icongekkaneko:and :iconsinako777:

miss candy the  tooth fairy ) (c):iconsinako777:

at lulu's home(castle )

little henry lose his fang after  playing  "bowling ball baseball " with eris 

miss candy flies in 

miss candy :- awwww look at the little  puppy x3 so cutie  .... will  :la:  back to  work ( takes her wallet  out )

henry :- zzzzzzzz ( farts ) hheh zzzzzzz 

eris in her lamb a sleep  :- zzzzzzzzzz ( farts  too ) hehehhe zzzzzzz 

miss candy :- ewww :giggle:  hahha 

about to  trap the fang with the money about someone puts a hand in the pillow too  

miss candy :- hey !!! what the hell  ? 

???  :- hey ce que l'enfer ???  (  hey what the hell  ??  ) 

miss candy looks at the person next to  her and it is her twin sister sucrette     ( the  French tooth fairy )  

surcette :- mrs bonbons ? ( miss candy ) 

miss candy :-  sugar ?  .... what are you doing here ,  miss frenchy  pants 

surcette  :- je fais mon travail, contrairement à quelqu'un que je connais, cul paresseux :stare: ( i am doing my job , unlike someone i know , lazy ass )  

miss candy :-  parler en anglais, crétin ( speak in english ,  dumbass  )  

surcette :- Non, ceci est ma langue préférée, bonbons pourquoi êtes-vous si gros? vous devez manger moins dent et plus de carottes ma petite soeur stupide ( no , this is my favorite   language   , candy  why are you so fat ? you need to  eat less tooth and more carrots my stupid little sister ) 

miss candy :-  little ???  we created in the same time ...... and stay way from my fangs  , this is america   and not pairs  

surcette :-  all the bleeds live in america ??  why would i let you have all their lovely fangs .... you never share your sweeties with me 

 miss candy :-  because i don't like you and you always steal my boyfriend 

surcette :- ....... 

miss candy :- .....

surcette and miss candy attacked each other  like children 

lulu breaks down the door and she is mad 

lulu has makeup  cream   on her 

lulu :- what with all the yelling ??? :rage: 

lulu see miss candy and surcette 

miss candy and surcette :- Bonjour ^^; 

lulu :- you two ???  

jumps the out the window 

lulu :- and don't come back 

miss candy :- what about my fang ?  ( lulu throws a bowling ball at her face and miss candy lose her teeth )  

surcette :- hahhahha :rofl:  ( miss candy hits surcette with the ball too  and she lose your teeth too  )  ......mien mien mien

miss candy :- no  their mine all mine 

both trying to  take each other teeth 

lulu :- idiots .... ( lulu is shock to see henry slept from all the chaos )  awwww :aww:

she slowly walk out and close the door 

but henry wake up from the door close sound 

henry :- hmm ???? oh man :stare:  i can't go to  sleep now :stare:  
Bird brain by sinako777
Bird brain
at the age of pirates 

the black knight ( john  aka Arthur ) was the feared pirate demon   captain  named Davy Jones

he and his crew of hell seekers pirates sail    the seven seas hunting sinners in the sea and  catching and killing sea monsters 

the black knight was giving a job to  hide down  and kill the leviathan 

it has escaped from hell with few hell sharks and sea monsters 

the black knight has only   23 months to  hide it  before the leviathan gets too  powerful and it would destroy gaia(earth )  and end human kind 

the devil ( mr red ) give the black knight  a spear that is made from the leviathan 's own fang !!  ( named  hollow  sea ) 

only this  weapon can kill the leviathan 


one eyed Pete ( one john's  old crew )  :-  captain  when would we find land ??? , i am hungry 

john :- ..... mr pete  go and eat some shark meat 

one eyed Pete:-  but captain i am sick of eating fishes , i want cow meat !!! or a human 

john hits him 

one eyed Pete:- ouch ... sorry ^^;  am a zombie after all 

john :- when i found human sinner , i let you eat one :X 

one eyed Pete:-   many thanks captain 

billy ( bunny form and in his old pirate outfit   )  :- captain  we have a problem 

john :- what is it now , doctor billy :x 

billy :- max thinks  he is a parrot again  and trying to  fly again 

max:- weee am a birdy :la:

the hell seeker try  not let max fall down the water , they are worried if max gets mad , he may turn to  "mad max "

john :- oooo great :stare:   first mate max :x

max :- yes :meow:

john :- no playing bird  

max :- awww :(

john :- .... fine ... you can play birdy in my office  

max :- yay :la:

john :- doctor billy , you watch over him

billy :- watch ???  am a doctor not a babysitter

john :-  don't question the captain

billy :- captain my ass

john :- what was that ???

billy :- eep  nothing nothing :fear:  




sinako777's Profile Picture
seo and yugo
love to draw dogs and wolf , fan to transformers , mostly draw demon or robot

Favourite cartoon character: megatron ,nemesis prime , dinobot ,waspintor , Kratos , venom, sonic , shadow and the fallen

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1) Let's meet the two rivals, shall we?

Sinako Bleed  Beware the Demon Lord by Samurai-Akita and Big.L.Toxin Big L. Toxin by beastwarlock27

2) Why do they dislike/hate each other? When did their feud begin?

Sinako  :-  we're were best friends :stare:  till he double  cross me and my brother :X 

Toxin :-  I should be emperor not Diana    :rage: 

sinako :- big baby 

toxin :- shut up  :stare:  

3) Which one has the most hate?

sinako  and toxin :- me !!! I hate him the most ( looks at each other )  stop copying me :rage: 

4) Make them the opposite of who they are! Have them act as friends or even lovers!

toxin :- lovers ???  :stare:    don't make me sick  

sinako  :- hell no  !!!!  next question 

5) Have one of them play a prank the other!

toxin looks at sinako  

sinako  :- what ???

toxin :- i know it's you that keeps doing that pizza delivery prank on me :x  

sinako  :-  ha in your face , i don't know how to  use a phone  , i don't know  my  own  iphone 's number 

toxin :- ........ :stare:   you own  iphone and don't know how to use it 

sinako :- yep :D 

toxin :- ........ god ... your so stupid 

sinako  :- hey  who your calling stupid 

6) What would happen if they were locked in a room together for some time?

toxin :- will  i am going to  die  , because sin never took his bath   this month , i am going to  dead from his smell .... and  i am made of venom !!!! 

sinako  :- my smell isn't that bad ... i took a bath last 5 month ago ... i think 

toxin :- ...... eww ewww   please don't lock me with this fool 

 7) What could stop them from being enemies? Can't we all just get along?

toxin :- if he and his bother  give me their throne , it will make me happy 

sinako  :- go f$#$ yourself 

toxin :- no go f#%$#% yourself 
both snarling at each other 

8) Yeah right, it's time for a battle to the death!

sinako  :-  hello we are immortal ,  we don't die  , but death really hurts 

toxin :- yes see ( chopped sin's head off ,  both sin head and body turn to  shadow and fused each other again  )

sinako in shadow form :- ouch !!! that hurts 

toxin :- hahhah :rofl:  

9) Who wins?

toxin :- me of course

sinako :- you cheated !!!

toxin :- proof it :p  

sinako pokes his eyes

toxin :- ahhhh my eyes !!

 10) That wasn't pretty. Let's try something where no one gets hurt. Take your pick: Video games, chess, poker battle or whatever.

at cheer 

sin beats toxin 

sinako  :- i win 

toxin :- rematch 

at poker 

sinako beats toxin 

sinako :- i win 

toxin lost his cloths :-  rematch :rage: !!! and give me back my pants !!! and shoes 

sinako  :- hey i won them , their mine now ( sinako eating his shoes ) 

toxin :- stupid dog 

11) Is there someone both characters admire? If not, then have another character intervening in a fight of theirs or whatever you want.

merlin :-   will i always  try to  keep  those two dumbs dumbs from killing each other  , but  the two never stop acting like babies :stare: 

12) Is there anything the rivals have in common?

merlin :- both never   pass math class 

toxin :- math is hard ok

sinako  :- math is head  hurt

toxin :- still ... how are you keep  winning poker if math   hurts your head 

sinako  :- i don't know ?  

toxin :- :stare: 

 13) Switch roles! Maybe you'll empathize with each other that way! Or... not?

toxin :- hahhah am  the emperor now !!!!

sin kids jumps at toxin :- dad dad dad dad :la:  play with us ,play with us  

toxin :- ahhhhhhhhhh they so many kids !!! he has more kids than me !!! ahhhhhhhhhhh   don't your use a condom

sinako :- what's a condom ???  .... guess am a crime boss now ...... o3o ?   ....(looks at  toxin gang ) as your new boss ..... we  will walk down the street  ... naked :D

the toxin gang :- :stare: ...........

mr ice :- toxin !!!  Switch roles! now!!!

atlas :- be our boss again !!!

momo  :- don't let this fool lead us !!! :rage:  

14) That's it, GROUP THERAPY!

toxin and sinako  :- ok .... but who is going to  pay ??? ..... not me .... stop copying me :rage: 

15) Final thoughts, tag someone or whatever.

sinako  :- tag  ..... anyone who wants to do this meme 

toxin :- oh sin did you met my friend her ?? ( next to him is a beautiful  cyber demon  girl )

cyber demon girl ( cat girl ) :- hello

sinako  :- oooo :love:

sin and girl are walking away

toxin :- hahhahha (jeejee next to  him ) in a second that cyber demon will blow up and sin will be in piece

jeejee :- why ???

toxin :- .... did you put a bomb in that robot

jeejee :- no  sir  , you don't asked me to  

toxin :- .... ahhhh !!! :rage:  (pulling his hair ) 

jeejee :- i hope he put a condom this time 

toxin :- :stare:  ( toxin is worried now )  


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