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deviation in storage by SorcererLance


The little tiger and lion by sinako777
The little tiger and lion
mr snow is sleeping and having a flashback

when he was a boy by the age of 8 and deadweed was 6 years old

 the two were destroying village by village

snow and deadweed fusing each other to  become "frostbit "  (god to  the devil plants )

frostbit was murdering for fun

till one day

snow and deadweed destroyed a small village and their were stealing things there , till they saw some small group are coming to  the village

snow and deadweed made a trap for them

snow  sitting on a rock and deadweed was hiding on the ground

the group saw the village was burned and saw so many body parts on the ground  , men , women , children and small animals

the group were in fear but not their leader

the lion named anhur (toxin's father )  saw the boy and walks to  him

anhur :- child what happen here , are you hurt ?

snow open his eyes and anhur saw snow's demon eye !! (snow's red eye)

anhur :- did you do this demon ???

snow :- demon ??? what make you sure i am a demon ?? sir ?

anhur :- the way i see in your eyes , i see only evil in it

snow :- really ??? you can tell by just looking in my eyes ?? hahha that is funny

deadweed pops out and try to  attack anhur but he miss

snow :- i be happy to  kill you last :aww:  when i killed your friends first hahha

anhur :-men hide , i can deal with this

anhur's warrior are hiding and watching their leader

snow and deadweed are fusing to  frostbit

frostbit is still a boy but he is as big as an elephant

frostbit:- raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

anhur smiling evil like :-  yes i found my true challenge hahhaha

frostbit :- no weapon can hurt us

anhur :- we see about that boys

anhur is moving so fast and frostbit  is trying to  claw him and catch him with his fangs

anhur throws his spear at frostbit's eye but it don't hurt him

frostbit:- hahhaha you have no weapon now mortal now i can

anhur pops out his claws and cuts frostbit and it hurts frostbit so badly

frostbit :- raaaaaaaaaaNooooooooo...Onion  my leg !!! my leg  but how ????

anhur :- hahhaha i was born with special gift  brats ,somehow i was born with powers that can hurt demons like you 

[ anhur is one of million mortal  that human born with " hell iron" for bones ] [ this is the first time snow gets hits with  hell iron ]

anhur cuts frostbit again and frostbit defused snow and deadweed are on the ground

snow :- stay away from me ( can't stand up in fear )

anhur walking slowly to  him and his claws out and killing look in his eyes

snow :- DEADWEED help me !!!! :rage:

deadweed wakes up and jumps at anhur

anhur :- you bug !!! get off !!

deadweed rips/eats anhur's ear

anhur :- ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! ( too much blood comes out )

snow and deadweed ran away and jumps in a portal

anhur take his spear put it on fire , and then puts the spear on his head (where his ear was rip off ) 

he needed the heat to  stop from bleed

anhur :- i will find you again boy :devil: and i will kill you with my own two claws  shahhahahaha

snow wakes up from his sleep and he is in shock

snow :- aa aa it was a dream ,, just a  dream .....grrrrrrr ( anger and fear  are  on  his eyes )
Candy my dear ? by sinako777
Candy my dear ?
Ramsis and sara    (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

Ramsis has some alien candy ( that he stolen from his father mario )

Ramsis is also trying to  win over sara

Ramsis :- candy for the little princess

sara :- aaa thank you Ramsis :meow:  (eats one ) mmmmmm ( falls down and sleep  )

Ramsis:- ahhhhhhhh what happen (looks at the candy box )  oh no this is one of dad's drugged candy that he use on moms when she is too savage on the bed

sara drugged and has a funny face on her

Ramsis carrying her :- we better hide , this drug will go away for few hours

sara :- doggy :meow: (biting his ear )

Ramsis:- will i am 1/4 a wolf , hope no one see this

mino walks in and see Ramsis with his girlfriend and he see her drugged

mino :- :stare:

Ramsis:- wait wait it is not what you think man Terror..Ahhh..Onion

mino :- :stare:  slam slam APH: Onion Germany 

Ramsis:- oh crap  Ku Ku Ku Ku...Onion

Ramsis and mino are battling like crazy in the park , everyone is runaway

Ramsis and mino :- wait wait where is sara ??

sin jr  steals her and their having a date (in a pizza place )

sin jr :- sooo  what to  make out :eyes:

sara still drugged and has a pizza on her hair

sara :-  i am  cheese   head Squishy Derpy Icon

sin jr :- i take that as yes hahahha onion head "smooch"

sara back to  normal and finds she is kissing sin jr and has pizza on her head

sara :- ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! ( hitting sin jr with a chair )

sin jr :- ouch ouch ouch

sara :- why do i have a pizza on my head ??? ewwwww my hair DX !!!!  it is covered in cheese
Hello farm girl by sinako777
Hello farm girl
sinako jr and sara    (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

sin jr is putting some moves on his cousin's girlfriend  again

mino is not going to  be happy about this

sin jr :- come on baby girl , you know you want me sexy girl

sara :- look here , monkey boy , i am not your (sin jr is kissing her on the mouth )  #@$@$@#$@#$@

sin jr :- love it ???

sara :- ...... (punch him in the nose )

sin jr :- ouch my nose ...... i think you break .....(poking his nose )  yep it is breaking :stare:  ahhhhhhhh it hurts

mino was behind them and saw everything

mino :- ......... Slam slam.Wrath 

sin jr :- oh hey cousin ...... uh oh  wait wait she the one that kiss me

sara :- say what  (punch sin jr in the face again )

mino :- Slam slam Slam slam.:angry 

sin jr :-  what you don't believe me ??? when did i were lied to you ?

mino and sara looks at sin jr

sin jr  :- aaaaa   ok i lie sometime , can you blame me :meow: sara has some sweet ass (spank her )  can't wait for her boobs to  pop out hahhaha :XD:

sara :-Eren Yeager (Anger) [V1]  you dirty monkey (hitting sinako jr with a piece of wood )

sin jr :- ouch ouch ouch  mino save me ... mino ?

mino  :- slam slam !! (drops a giant rock at sin jr  )

sin jr :- 2$#$@#$ help  help  i am trap in here (in his shadow form )

mino and sara left sin jr under the rock

sin jr :- hello  ??? anybody ??? .......... Wolf Mad those jerks they left me
You took my ear little boy by sinako777
You took my ear little boy
mr snow is in a dinner party in one rich demon/man in the demon world

mr snow talking with some people in the party

mr snow :- i sure you my dear friends , my company  is the best there is , it is much better than Toxin's company , i mean toxin has some low class demons work for him in his business and some human too 

a rich demon woman :- how low class

rich demon man :- humans ?? dear lord :X

toxin walking to  them and mad :- i sure you , human are good , their hard workers :devil:

mr snow :- hahhaha oh toxin , speaking to human rights ?? , ha what am i saying ?? you use to  be a human , before you become a immortal demon

toxin :- grrrrr

??? :- what's wrong for being a human  , boy ?

anhur (toxin's father )  walking in the hall walking to  snow

people are speechless   not knowing who this person is

mr snow looking at the one eared lion :- ..........( what the hell ??? i know this demon but from where ???.....) [ looks  at his ear ]  ( no but from when ! , it ... it can't be )

a rich  demon woman:- who may you be sir

anhur :- i am Big .L.Toxin 's father , Anhur L Toxin sr  but you can call me DeathHand

deadweed and his cousin are in the background and there were in shock to  see anhur alive and upgrade

anhur looks at snow with a evil green eyes  and snow was freeze in fear

mr snow having flash back with he was a boy and fighting  anhur for his live

one look at snow's eyes  anhur find out

anhur :- you !!....hahhaha ( smiling inside )

anhur walks out of the room

mr snow face looks sick :- aaa deadweed deadweed

deadweed :- yes sir ?

mr snow :- get my car now , we're leaving

deadweed :- yes sir

snow and his minions are leaving the party and toxin looks at them as they left and he is confused

as snow and his minions drives away in snow's car

snow looks outside his window , he saw anhur waving good bye with a evil smile

mr snow :- grrrrr damn you 


seo and yugo
love to draw dogs and wolf , fan to transformers , mostly draw demon or robot

Favourite cartoon character: megatron ,nemesis prime , dinobot ,waspintor , Kratos , venom, sonic , shadow and the fallen


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hello  everyone Aww  just wish you all a Happy  Eid ul-Adha , I wish you all have a  great times in this holiday Aww :D (Big Grin)

 to  my friends who  don't know what is Eid ul-Adha ? Happy Eid-ul-Adha - 1431  please read this Aww


i forget to say

this is the first eid without my brother and parents :(

my brother is in college in UK

and my parents are in Europe  for the holidays ( i think their in pairs now )

it is just me , my sister , our  maid  ,our driver and Yugo  , this eid :(

we are ok :) but little sad there not here

 our family  ( from my mom's side and dad's side ) are with us this eid  :)

my sister is going make a party in our beach house  this eid :)  and few of my cousins are coming :aww:

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