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January 30
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Going mad on an  island by sinako777 Going mad on an  island by sinako777
Commission for :iconmintymousyxfce:

sinako and Diana (c) :iconsinako777:

diana :- i can't believe the angels  Banished us to  island

sinako :- no no  not again , i can't be Banished for another 10000 !!! no no  Eek iie ook ei! Eei Eeek! ( going primal )

diana :- sin ?

 sinako :-   Eek iie ook ei! Eei Eeek! ( going saveage and ripping his cloths and eat his shoes  )

diana :- oh my sinako :heart: 

sinako :- Eek iie ook ei! Eei Eeek! (acting and talking like a real  monkey )

diana :- hehhe me and sin for 10000, come here my sexy wild man

sam :- moooooooooooom !!!!!!!! ( behind her )

diana :- ahhhhhhhhhh!!! :fear:

she wakes up  and it was only a dream

diana :- hmm ?? hm mm what what :fear: 

sam :- me and bonnie are hungry can we have a sandwich

bonnie :- sandwich :la: ( still learn to  talk )

diana :- grrr you wake me up for a sandwich ? :X

sam :- yeah :D

diana :- grrr fine :X %#$%#$%$ i had a great dream :X 

sam :- the island dream  again ?

diana :- yes it was wonderful

sam :- mom why do you always touch yourself with her sleeping ??

diana :- ....... ...........( her face is red )

sam :-  mom ?
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MintyMousyXFCE Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's amazing how Sinako turned in his wild self in a matter of seconds XD

Thank you so much, It's just sad that Diana's dreams were ruined. XD
hahahah sinako really doesn;t want to  go back to  the island , alone again :XD: hahahhaha :rofl:

you're very welcome buddy :D :hug:

cleo :- didn't worry she always writes her dreams in her dairy's

diana :- ahhhh !!! don't read them !! :fear: 
MintyMousyXFCE Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If he had company it wouldn't be so bad, specially if it's aside one girl =3 Or two... Or a personal harem with him, but I doubt the angels would allow such thing for his banishment. Specially for 10.000 years. It would be time enough to populate the whole island and begin a sub-civilization. XD

And for Diana, try to get a lock for your dairy, or pass to write everything in your computer and lock it with a strong password.
hahah the last time he was in island he was with his brother and sister in law

the island was in half

half side was sinako and other is alice

b.b was in the middle and doesn't want to  be a part of their stupid prank  war

for 10.000 years b.b had to  deal with his crazy wife and brother , he was the only person don't went mad on the island :XD: hahahha

diana :- i try that and it don't work :x
MintyMousyXFCE Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And 10.000 is indeed a long time, specially if you're immortal and is trying to get sane.

Diana, you could hire a hacker to help you, then. Or maybe a bodyguard exclusively for your dairy/blog?
yep :XD:

diana :- i try that too  :X  and still don't not work :x
MintyMousyXFCE Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And how about other dimension? Sometimes it may be better not write anything.
diana :- try that and still don't work :X cleo is too smart for me :x
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My my Diana has wet dreams about her hubby.
diana :- aaaa aa a ( her face is so so red )

abby , cleo , rocky and duma :- haahhahaaha :rofl:

diana :- don't laugh at me !!!!
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