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We are trap in the unknow by sinako777 We are trap in the unknow by sinako777
voodoo koodoo (c) :iconsinako777:
 Tusksurge  (c):iconmrsman5: and :iconsinako777:

what happen ??

pleas read all 9 of  the "Tri-paw next gen "
part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - final -

 Tusksurge  is skullerack's brother ( what does tusk looks like with his hood ?    - )

Tusksurge is chained up like animal

he is in front of guardians of balances

behind him are mr red , timer , grim ,sinia , lady dark , eris , yang , yin  and skullerack with rally

one of older guardian :- what is your answer my friends :- hell finds  him  guilty

father time :-  heaven
find him guilty

grim :- underworld finds him

lady dark :- light and the shadow world finds him

sinia :- the demon world (earth ) find him
guilty my lords

eris :- magic finds the jerk
guilty, grandpas (poking her nose )

sinia hits eris

eris :- ouch

skullerack playing with his iphone

rally :- pickle !!! :X (Mad)

skullerack :- oh ... yeah yeah he is so

rally :- pickle pickle pickle pickle

one of the guardian:- what ??

older guardian :- can't you understand young man , dear rally said he is guilty

one of guardian :- aaaa ok ??? Stare  ( why are we always let  that hell goat in here )

guardians :-  blood of Cronos

skullerack :- what  ?? :o (Eek)

one of the guardian:-  not you dummy :X (Mad)

guardians :-   blood of Cronos Tusksurge  you guilty !!!! and you will banished from this universe,  you will not return for this universe and

Tusksurge breaks free and he is in his true form

rally :- pickle he power up how !!!

skullerack :- what ?? solo  could never remove the powers of Cronos , me and idiot brother are gods dummy

Tusksurge :- i will destroy all of you !!! starting with you !!! you old dogs !!! ( jumps at the guardians   but someone grapes his leg  and throws him  to the battle ring ) who dares ???? ... you !!!

walking to him is the dark knight  , Arther bleed

older guardian:- you are late as always  boy

john :- the horsemen finds you GUILTY !!!! ( punch  Tusksurge in the face and Tusk's lose both of his tusk )

Tusksurge:- raaaaaaaaaaaa !!! ( turns his hand to  sword ) die  hell seeker !!!

one cut john cuts tusk with his   Excalibur , burning tusk like fire

Tusksurge :- ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

john :- unlike 
the Olympia Crown !!!! this was made from Cronos's bones , it can destroy  you !!!! 

guardians opens a portal to "the unknown" ( world were only true evil were spent and never to  be seen again )

john grabs tusk's neck

john :-   you .... are done ... here , ....... here uncle  something to  remember me ( scares tusk with his sword )

Tusksurge :-  my eyes !!!!!! ( john throws him to  the portal  and it close )

rally :- pickle  (jumps at john )

john :- rally get  of me :X (Mad)

rally :- pickle rally missed dummy head La la la la

 john :- will me too , .,... now get off !!!!

at the unknown

Tusksurge  is trap with voodooo koodoo

tusksurge :- so ..... nothing to  do here ???

voodoo :- no it is boring here, i miss hell  ,  are bleeds making so many damn babies ??

tusk :- yep

voodoo  :- any ideas how we can get out  of here ??

tusk :- no , i have no idea  :X (Mad)  ...........

voodoo :- i told you
the Olympia Crown idea was bad idea

tusk :- oh shut up :X (Mad)  as if  finding father's soul was a good idea :X (Mad)

voodoo :- i was a good idea :X (Mad)  , but death and his brothers failed me !!!!

the two brothers are fight like children  on tiny flying rock

voodoo :- daddy's little boy

tusk :- goo goo  face

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TBRae Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
awww geez wow that was dramatic!
sinako777 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
thank you :aww:
TBRae Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
MrSman5 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
At least Voodoo won't be alone.  XD  Love the story man.  It's awsome that you done an aftermath story.
sinako777 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
oh their not the only ones in there :XD: thank you so much bro :D

the boss still break :- grrrrr idiots :stare:

mr snow lost his red eye and left arm :- hey look who's talking you break old toaster

the boss :- watch it

 the leech queen  :- hey   i am trying to  sleep here :X

dante and his father

Helios :- tusk ??? so he failed too  :X

dante :- hey dad , do you know when the ice cream man truck is coming  here

Helios :- grrrrr  i keep  telling you there is no ice cream man here !!!

dante buying ice cream  from rally ( rally dress as  the ice cream man )

dante :- what ??

rally drives off and goes to the portal and close it

everyone :- .........:epic-shock:

dante licking his ice cream

voodoo :- dante why don't you tell us that where was a portal for us !!!

dante :-  what we are trying to  get out or something ??

everyone :- WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!

everyone jumps at him and beating him up

dante :- ouch ouch ouch  
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